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Sworn translator

A sworn translator is needed when documents have to be used for official purposes. The translation is an official translation of the original document that may be used for the same purposes but in a different language.

Translators who are permitted to do sworn translations must have formal qualifications and in most European countries they also have to be registered as a sworn translator in their country.

A sworn translation is a translation of everything on the page. The translator may not leave out anything at all. Furthermore, it must be delivered on paper, attached to the original (or a copy of it if this is accepted by the receiving agency, with each page of the translation initialled and the seal and signature of the sworn translator on the last page together with a statement proving that he or she is actually registered or sworn in and where and when this took place. A sworn translation cannot be delivered by email.

For example, sworn translations can be required for birth or marriage certificates when moving abroad or diplomas or certificates if applying for a job with a foreign company. But a sworn translation can also be needed in court cases.

If you need a translation of documents such as statements, mandates or court decisions for official purposes you will probably need a sworn translation.

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Bart Beersma
BIR Reclame Adviesbureau, Hengelo, Nederland