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Menu translation

With 5 years’ service in the kitchens of restaurants and 20 years’ experience translating menus, at Hogg Translations we know a sprat from a swordfish!

We research our ingredients carefully so you can be sure that your guests know exactly what they can expect from you. We follow the news about food and drink, staying abreast of the latest culinary trends. And we’ll make sure your menu reads like poetry in any language.

We translate menus for restaurants with one, two and three Michelin stars. But also many menus for small, traditional pubs and restaurants.

Does your menu change with the seasons? Do you have a menu of the week or month depending on the best ingredients the season has to offer? At Hogg Translations we can provide the translations of your menus at the speed you need.

Do you need your menu translated into one or more languages for your wedding, your family party or your corporate event? At Hogg Translations we always deliver crafted translations, geared to your needs, on time.

We enjoy working with them in view of their expertise and the high quality of the translations. The enormous flexibility as a result of which deadlines can still be met and the client-friendly way in which they operate are decisive factors.

Renate Dieperink MBA
Company secretary of TKH Group NV