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Environment translation

Our experience with environmental texts is as varied as the sector itself. And each different area of the environmental sector has its own distinct terminology and jargon. For instance reports about emissions to air or to water, air pollution or contamination of surface waters or groundwater, specifications for emissions from factories or installations to reduce emissions. The terminology has to be right, the translations accurate every single time.

And then there are inspection reports for soil surveys, specifying any problems that are present and how they are to be resolved. Again, atypical language with specific terms that have to be translated correctly.

Or waste: waste collection, waste disposal, waste incineration, storage, recycling. Each subject is a specialization in its own right which requires knowledge of the procedures, the installations, the requirements.

Hogg Translations stands out because it looks for translators who are already familiar with your field or a related one. And we always take the time to get to know your business, your specialty, your style. Because only then can we provide you with the best translations to suit you: made specifically for you with your business in mind and geared to your needs and your organization. Made by professionals who care about quality and delivering on time. Always.

We were extremely satisfied with the quality of the work and speed of execution. The translation was accurate and subile. It was 100% professionnal work.

Christophe Sepulveda
Owner and Director of Texavino