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Translation testimonials

I have worked with Hogg Translations for 10 years during which time they have consistently delivered accurate and timely translations for both regular and ad hoc work. However, of even greater value to me is the fact that whenever I have had a last minute and urgent request to translate a document, Hogg Translations have willingly delivered to a tight deadline - and I am therefore very pleased to be able to recommend their services.

Andrew Turner
Director EPPA UK

TKH Group NV has a relationship of many years’ standing with Hogg Translations. We enjoy working with them in view of their expertise and the high quality of the translations. The enormous flexibility as a result of which deadlines can still be met and the client-friendly way in which they operate are decisive factors.

Renate Dieperink MBA
company secretary of TKH Group NV

As a result of our focus on technically oriented B2B clients who are active internationally, we regularly need technical translations. For many years Hogg Translations has been a good and reliable partner. Capable, quick and interested are a number of typical characteristics which describe why we like to work with Hogg Translations.

Bart Beersma
BIR Reclame Adviesbureau, Hengelo, Nederland

For a number of years now we have worked very well with the company Hogg Translations. They provide all our (foreign-language) translations for our website, manuals and catalogues. Our website has been translated into 5 foreign languages, namely English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Hogg Translations works with native speakers, so the translations are very professional. If we send an order for a translation, we receive a message by return that the order has been received and an indication of when we can expect the translation. Safretti regularly uses jargon and/or technical information. If there is lack of clarity about a translation, we are always consulted about what exactly is meant and how things should be translated. So communication is very smooth with Hogg Translations. We also get the translations back very quickly. This is extremely pleasing if deadlines have to be met. In short: we can warmly recommend Hogg Translations for all your translations. Feel free to take a look at our website

Freddie Dieperink
Owner and Director of Safretti

We called on the services of Hogg Translations to translate the technical specifications of the wines that we import to English and Dutch. We were extremely satisfied with the quality of the work and speed of execution. The translation was accurate and subtle. It was 100% professionnal work. We are in the process of constructing our website and we have decided to entrust the translation of the entire site into English, German and Dutch to Hogg Translations.

Christophe Sepulveda
Owner and Director of Texavino

Hogg Translations translated our website Reach Impact presenting our consultancy services related to compliance with one of the most complex EU chemicals legislation – REACH. It was a real challenge to create a simple text explaining the importance of REACH and the impact it has on companies. The high quality of the translation was essential for communicating clearly the ideas and passing on the message in different languages. Thanks to these different language versions we were able to reach clients in USA, India, South Africa, Tunisia, Spain, Ghana, Russia. I used the services of Hogg Translations for translation from English to German of 3 articles on REACH which have been published in the specialized German magazine REACH navigator. I am always impressed how efficient and professional Hogg Translations’ services are! It is a real pleasure working with Patricia.

Meglena Mihova
Partner of EPPA

We have often had translations done by Hogg Translations into various languages and above all in the initial phase they have shown great empathy with the niche market that we operate on. Their empathy, but also the excellent translations are to be greatly respected and are excellent. In addition, reacting to our needs effectively and delivering on time are certainly one of Hogg Translations’ strengths. We are also very enthusiastic about the smooth cooperation and short lines of communication. Hogg Translations’ empathy with what is very specific technical matter is to be respected. Their external vision of a message developed internally enriches our communication with our clients. Hogg Translations understands the underlying message perfectly as no other.

Henk van der Meij
Director of Tyro Remotes